Carly Tamlin – at Pixie for 18 years. Carly has an Educare qualification in Early

Childhood Education and a Degree in Foundation Phase Teaching.

Carly is an enthusiastic and committed Teacher with a passion for children, her  classroom always lively with discussion and creativity. She has a wonderful  compassionate disposition as she deals with the ups and downs of this busy and active  age group.

In the afternoons, Carly is the Head Aftercare Teacher. She assists with homework  and always busy sourcing new and exciting projects and activities for the holidays.

Roxanne Manuel – at Pixie for 4 years. Level 5 Certificate in Early Childhood  Learning and is qualified to teach Grade R

Assisting Carly, Roxanne is an enterprising and resourceful Teacher. She is passionate about children and they love her. She has a beautiful singing voice which  can be heard around the school at any given time.

Forest Friends: 4 -5 years

Lee-Ann Jeftha – at Pixie for17 years

We are very fortunate to have Lee-Ann as a qualified Grade R Teacher, who is committed to preparing her children for Grade R. She is dedicated and passionate, with an aptitude for generating interesting and exciting activities. Lee-Ann is firm but  gentle in her handling of children at this busy, challenging age, engaging parents and  keeping them informed with regular feedback.

Kamilla April – Level 5 Certificate in Early Childhood Learning and qualified to teach Grade R

Kamilla came to Pixie Playland from Pixie Wonderland to assist Lee-Ann and gain  working experience. She has a caring way with the children and they respond well to her.

Non Teaching Staff:

Sarah Ben 

Sarah is new to Pixie. She not only is a multi tasker and spring cleaner of note but has a wonderful disposition when it comes to the children. She is gentle and caring as she successfully coaxes the most difficult eaters into enjoying their lunch.

Glorane Lincoln – our cook and is new to Pixie

Glorane runs the kitchen, assists with events such as Grandparents day and cooks our  delicious lunches. She ably runs the early morning breakfast session and has a great  love for children especially those who have special needs.