Jessica Fisher - All round Assistant and Aftercare Assistant.Sharifa Roberts - Baby Nursery Teacher
Val Visagie - Principal
Genevieve Johnson -  2-3 year old TeacherChantel Brown 2-3 year old Assistant.Shevonne Scholtz 1-2 year old nursery teacher  Lee-Ann Jeftha -  Grade R TeacherRoxanne Manuel - 4-5 year old Assistant  Karen Benjamin Deidre Canny - CleanerShireen Appollis - 3 - 4 year old TeacherOlivia Carelse - 1-2 year old nursery teacher  Sarah Ben - 1-2 nursery teacherFrances Manuel - Baby Nursery AssistantHelen Ntlokwnana 3-4 year old Assistant and Aftercare Teacher.Tania Browns 4-5 year old Teacher and Aftercare Driver.  Isobel Nel - 2 -3 year old Assistant



Early Childhood Development Qualification

Sharifa Roberts (Teacher)

Level 4 in Early Childhood Development

Frances Manuel (Assistant)

Level 1 in Early Childhood Development

Olivia Carelse (Teacher)

Level 4 in Early Childhood Development

Roxanne Manuel (Assistant)

Level 5 in Early Childhood Development

Shireen Appollis(Teacher)

Level 4 in Early Childhood Development

Chantel Brown (Assistant)


Lee-Ann Jeftha (Teacher)

Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE)

Jessica Fisher (Assistant)

Level 5 in Early Childhood Development

Genevieve Johnson  (Teacher)

N6 certificate in Educare

Isabel Nel (Assistant)

Level 5 in Early Childhood Development

Sarah Ben (Assistant) 

5 Years experience in Early Children Education
Helen Ntlokwnana (Assistant)

National certificate in Educare.

Tania Brown ( Teacher )

NQF Level 6 in Early Childhood Development. 
Shevonne Scholtz ( Assistant )

Level 1 in Early Childhood Development.

Cuddly Kittens: 6 months - 1 year
Sharifa Roberts – at Pixie since 2012. . Level 4 certificate in Early Childhood Learning.
Sharifa is the heart of the Baby Nursery. As the Head Teacher, she starts her day with a passionate, warm and loving welcome for each baby, allowing parents to confidently leave their precious little ones in her care.
Frances Manuel – at Pixie since 2011. Level 4 certificate in Early Childhood Learning.
Frances assists Sharifa in nurturing, stimulating and encouraging each baby to reach their developmental milestones. She has a gentle way of making each one feel secure.
Playful Pandas: 1 - 2 years
Olivia Carelse at Pixie since 2014. Level 4 Certificate in Early Childhood Learning.
Olivia, teaching this young group of Nursery children in her soft and gentle manner.. She is a good organiser and team player.
Sarah Ben- at Pixie since 2015.
Sarah is a multi tasker and has a wonderful disposition with the children. She is gentle and caring and provides age appropriate activities.
Shevonne Scholtz - at Pixie since 2019. Level 1 in Early Childhood Development.
Her description: Shevonne is a friendly individual with a bubbly personality. She loves children. She is always open to learning new things. Her approach with the learners is very warm and welcoming, making them feel secure around her.
Busy Butterflies: 2 - 3 years
Isabel Nel - at Pixie since 2015. Level 5 certificate in Early Childhood Learning.

Isabels quiet yet firm and loving qualities are always evident as she interacts with her children.


Chantel Brown - at Pixie since 2018.
Chantel assists this age group and approaches all tasks in a soft and gentle manner. She is always resourceful offering fun, new activities.
Genevieve Johnson - at Pixie since 2015. N6 certificate in Educare.
Genevieve sets boundaries for the children in her care and offers developmentally appropriate activities.


Clever Caterpillars: 3 - 4 years
Shireen Appollis  at Pixie since 2009. Level 4 Certificate in Early Childhood Learning.
With a wealth of knowledge and experience gained, Shireen is the Teacher of the Clever Caterpillar class. She is firm but gentle in her handling of children, patiently taking care to nurture their confidence.

Helen Ntlokwana- at Pixie since 2017. National certificate in Educare.

She has begun IsiXhosa lessons at Pixie for all age groups and handles the children in a soft but engaging manner

Forest Friends: 4 - 5 years
Roxanne Manuel – at Pixie since 2011.. Level 5 Certificate in Early Childhood  Learning and is qualified to teach Grade R.
Assisting Carly, Roxanne is an enterprising and resourceful Teacher. She is passionate about children and they love her. She has a beautiful singing voice which  can be heard around the school at any given time

Tania Brown - at Pixie since 2019. NQF Level 6 in Early Childhood Development. 

Tania is a warm and loving individual. She has an animated and open approach with her learners. She is currently enrolled at UNISA, doing her Bachelor's of Education Foundation Phase. 

Grade R:
Lee Ann – at Pixie since 1998. Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE)

We are very fortunate to have Lee-Ann as a qualified Grade R Teacher, who is committed to preparing her children for Grade 1. She is dedicated and passionate, with an aptitude for generating interesting and exciting activities. Lee-Ann is firm but gentle in her handling of children at this busy, challenging age, engaging parents and keeping them informed with regular feedback.


Jessica Fisher – at Pixie since 2012 and currently enrolled at Cape Town College of Education.
Jessica is a talented, muti-tasking and hard working Assistant, who is capable of filling in for any class whenever the need is required. Her firm, loving manner endears her to both children and parents. 

Helen Ntlokwana - at Pixie since 2017.National certificate in Educare

AfterCare Teacher. She supervises homework for grades 1 to 4.


Jessica Fisher -at Pixie since 2012.Level 5 in Early Childhood Development

Aftercare assistant teacher. Jessica provides the grade R's from KPS and Pixie with exciting activities in the afternoons


Tania Brown - at Pixie since 2019. NQF Level 6 in Early Childhood Development
Tania, Aftercare Driver. Tania transports learners from KPS to Pixie, also to and from extra murals at KPS. Tania is a warm and loving individual. She makes sure learners have a safe and secured journey when transporting them. She is currently studying her BEd: Foundation phase at Unisa. She is also a qualified early childhood development teacher.
Non Teaching Staff:
Deidre Canny- Cleaner

Deidre has a huge amount of patience with the children. She keeps our school smelling and looking fresh at all times.


Karen Benjamin. - Our cook since January 2019.
"Karen runs the kitchen. She deliciously prepares and runs the early morning breakfast session. She also cooks our lunches for the whole school including aftercare. Karen is warm at heart and gentle yet firm with the children."